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Because the submissions process is really slow and because we have only a small amount of members that can vote, I opened voting for contributors.

Remember the images have to have a good quality, no doodles or quick sketches! And you have to check if the images fit in the folder it was submitted to.
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Hi and Welcome to #Conceptartists

This is a club for people who like creating visual version of art based on a concept. Any kind of art form can be found here. From the craziest little doodle till the most magnificent paintings ever seen. It´s important that the artwork needs to have a background story or it has to be based on some idea of a scene or character you or somebody else had in mind. It's also important that the works stands out and has to be laid out properly so the viewer can exactly see what it is and what it does.

Submission Rules
- Submit to the folder your work belongs in
- Unfinished pieces, sketches and doodles can be submitted to the speedy folder.
- We do check the quality of the work. Please make sure your work has a good composition, is rendered, and has a reasonable perspective or anatomy.

They are the people who make a lot of concept art and keep refreshing our club with new art.

As a Contributor you can:
-Submit art to the group
-Get more attention from other people.
-Get a small text area about yourself in our artists list.

In order to become a contributor, you must meet the following requirements:

-Have at least 10 concept artworks in your gallery
-You have to be active on this club

People who sometimes create concept art without the intention to be professionals or deal with concept art for the rest of their lives.

As a member, you can:

-Submit art to the group
-Get more attention from other people

Everybody can join as a member. But you do need to have at least a few pieces of concept artwork in your gallery which meet the submission criteria.

If you don't feel like submitting stuff; you can still see updates of artwork that get accepted into our group.


-You can post 3 images a week.
-Upon joining you can add 5 images to the galleries.
-Be polite to each other.
-Give some critique from time to time.












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koponya Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015   Digital Artist
Why have I been declined from membership to this group?
koponya Featured By Owner Edited Feb 16, 2015   Digital Artist
Apparently declined membership due to "not meeting submission criteria"...Whatever that means. From the looks of this group's galleries -- it seems to carry quite the case of double standards.
For having so many admins, this group doesn't appear to be actively moderated either.

DeviousSqurl Featured By Owner Edited Nov 16, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Wow this is the second time all my submissions expired.  Is this group really backed up that much? Admin let me know, thanks so much :)  Just curious.
Ruth-Tay Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Sorry the group is not as active as I hoped. I'm a very busy person myself and I don't always have the time to check all the submissions. We need about 2 people to check and accept them, so sometimes this does not happen en things expire. I'm really sorry for that and i'll try my best to accept and check as much as I can.
DeviousSqurl Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Ok thank you so much for the reply.
TheDragonofDoom Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Student Artist
I don't know about the others, but I haven't been on much due to taking all advanced courses this semester, I just have no time to help keep up with everything in this group. I'll be on more as soon as the semester is over, but as of now I have very little free time. Sorry to let you guys down.
DeviousSqurl Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
That's ok, just was curious, and good to get an answer.  Study hard!! :)
TheDragonofDoom Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Student Artist
Yeah, again so sorry! I'll make more of a effort to get on. Just been tough with a broken arm and doing 8-12 hours of school everyday. XD Luckily, I only have four more weeks left. Thanks!
(1 Reply)
lycaonbm Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for accepting me in your group: D
RynkaWorks Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Are the mods active? I've been waiting forever to get accepted..
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